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Your Dog Will Thank You For These Dog Diet Tips

We have definitely come a long way from feeding our dogs with whatever table scraps we have to ensuring that we feed the right and balanced diet to our dogs. It is important as a pet owner to make sure that we are giving them not only love but that we are providing them with the right and well-balanced food.

In fact, there are many reputable researchers out there who have done extensive research on what your dog should or should not be fed. Here are some that you might want to know about!

The right type of food

While the ingredient is important, it is also crucial that you provide your pet with the right type of food. This means, giving them the right kind of food based on their size, age, activity levels and health conditions. Most pet stores will have a wide selection of dog food available to choose from, it is always a good tip to buy the best quality food for your dog that is within your budget range. Remember while we don’t want to break the bank, we also do not want to settle for low quality food.

Dry or wet food

Your dog’s diet should mainly be in the form of dry food because the crunch that it gives will help keep her teeth clean and gums healthy. This is why we have come up with a range of dry kibbels for Mikana. It also provides the necessary fiber in your dog’s diet. Of course, if you wish to switch it up sometimes – you can give it some wet food too but in moderation. For example, instead of just giving them just wet food, pour some on top of your dry food.

Do not give your table scraps to your dog because while it may be a well-balanced meal to you, it might not be to you dog.

Feeding based on age

As a puppy, your dog needs to eat more frequently throughout the day as it is growing. A good frequency would be about three to four small meals until they are about three months old.

Once they hit about three months old, cut down to only three meals a day till they are about six months old which they are now adult dogs. Adult dogs should be fed twice a day and if you are dealing with a picky eater – leave the food out only for 20 minutes and then take it away. Also, don’t forget to keep a constant amount of clean water for your pet to drink as well.

The right amount of food

Ideally, if you can speak to your vet and get his or her recommendations about the amount of food to feed your dog if not, you can refer to the information on the food bag as they usually have a general recommended feeding information that you can follow.

If you are still not sure if your dog is eating the right amount, you can do a simple test to find out. Run your hand against the dog’s side, you should feel her ribs without pressing. If you cannot feel them without pressing, she may be overweight and if you can see them, your dog is most likely underweight.

Try Mikana to ensure your dog has the right diet to keep it healthy and happy.