missing dog
What Should You Do If Your Dog Is Missing?

Has your dog gone missing? We understand that this is one of the worst feelings a pet owner can have. If you have lost your dog, you will definitely be worried and clueless on where to start looking in order to bring your lost dog home.

Here are some recommended tips here that will increase the chances of finding your missing or lost dog:

1. Thoroughly search your home first

Search your house, front yard or back yard completely first. Your dog might just be too distracted with a new found discovery and may have forgotten to return home.

2. Search around your house

Try walking up and down your street in case he has just gone out for a short walk nearby. Search around your neighbourhood. Most dogs don’t usually wander off too far from their house.

3. Call them out

Use your voice. Call out your dog’s name when finding your missing dog. It is a more useful searching tool than your eyes. Dogs can hear a lot better than humans can and the distance from which dogs can hear things is four times further than man.

4. Ask around

Ask your friends, neighbours if they’ve seen your missing dog. Talk to people, especially those walking their dog, because they are the group to be most concern and may have taken notice of a wandering dog.

5. Alert your surrounding

Alert your neighbours and people in your neighbourhood that your dog is missing. You can put up poster at eye level and in areas where people frequent. You can also text messages or e-mail your friends to keep a lookout for your dog.

6. Leave your information

If you’re putting up a flyer, make sure if has useful information. A poster with a large ‘Lost Dog’ and ‘Reward’ heading might be the most eye-catching. Remember to include your dog’s name, breed, colour, distinct features (if any) and ways to contact you like your phone number.

7. Call nearby shelters

Give local shelters and pet related places within a 100 miles radius of your house a call. Leave your contact number with them so that they can reach you if your dog turns up during one of their searches or street feeding sessions. Visit these places if possible to pass them a poster of your lost dog so that it can reach out to more people.

8. Go online

Post lost dog ads on the internet. A lot of people have found their pets through this avenue. Try Facebook groups, pet forums or just post the information up on your personal profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat and get people to spread the word for you. Find more lost pet ads posting site on the search engine.

9. Beware of scams

Beware of money scams. There are people who are out to cheat you out of your money. Knowing that you are worried, it’s easy for these people to take advantage of your missing dog and get the reward in many different ways. Think logically and ask for advice if necessary before you give someone money to return your dog.

10. Don’t give up so easily

Dogs have been known to find their way back home after being lost for several months. Your dog might be just one of them!

Wherever possible, take precaution. Take measures to ensure that YOU can be located if your lost dog is found – an ID dog tag would usually be the most efficient and important form of ID for your dog.

Take care.