golden retriever
Characteristics Of The Golden Retriever

Planning to adopt a golden retriever? Here are some characteristics of our favourite furry friend that you should know of.


Dogs are naturally pack animals and Golden Retrievers are no different. They love to interact with other species of their group to remain secure, particularly with Golden Retrievers as they have been bred over the years to be geared more towards humans.


As a result, they make excellent guide dogs for the blind, hunters and the perfect furry companion for younger children. Giving your Golden Retriever such tasks would make them happy as they need to interact with people.


Retrievers are generally big softy at heart. They will tolerate several mistakes from you and would only require acknowledgement from you during their presence by a pat on the head. Another fun fact that proves these cuties are indeed man’s best friends is that they were the first three dogs to be awarded the Obedience Trial Championships!


However, owners have to make sure that Golden Retrievers have to have sufficient activities laid out for them especially when they are growing. This is because of their loving and playful nature – they get bored easily. As they grow older, Golden Retrievers makes the perfect partner to go explore outdoor activities with.

Good temperament

If you are thinking of getting a furry friend for your children – Golden Retrievers are the best! Start introducing your Golden to kids when they are growing and watch them grow to love kids even more. Although, you should never leave your child and a Golden Retriever unattended because they are naturally huge animals which could easily knock them over because they can be such klutz. This also prevents any unfortunate accidents because while they may have a great temperament, a child can accidentally poke or pull his tail which might cause him to retaliate – after all, it is still an animal.

Easy to groom

Do keep in mind that Golden Retrievers love water and will choose to get wet any chance they get so if you have a pool or any other source of water on your property, it will get to it whenever it has the chance. Mud is another kryptonite to your Golden and they will get into mud ever so often. Unfortunately, there is nothing much you can do to stop them so we suggest bathing them every couple of days just to keep their hygiene in place.


Last but not least, Golden Retrievers love the heat but too much of heat is never good for them so as owners, you have to make sure that they get plenty of air, shade and water. All in all, Goldens are perfect companions for you and your family as long as you give them proper care and love.