Mikana is produced by pet lovers at KM Vet Pharm. Since the early 90s, we have held, loved, and cared for all kinds of pets. Big ones and small ones. Pure breeds and mixed breeds. We know just what they need to thrive in this climate. Our delicious meals are specially formulated for cats and dogs living in Asia and it is the result of years of meticulous and comprehensive research. Eco-friendly and free for side effects, they keep your pets happy, healthy, and full of woofs or meows.

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The welfare of an animal includes both its physical and mental state. The 5 petals of Mikana’s logo represent 5 internationally recognised freedoms all animals should enjoy.

All animals must have access to food and water, to a comfortable shelter, be granted medical care, the opportunity to freely exercise and, without question, our truly unconditional love.

Freedom From Hunger And Thirst

We believe that all animals must have ready access to clean water and a nutritious, well-balanced diet.

Freedom From Discomfort

We believe that it is fundamental for all animals to have proper shelter and a comfortable resting area.

Freedom From Pain, Injury and Disease

We believe that all animals must be entitled to veterinary care for diagnosis and treatment.

Freedom To Express Normal Behaviour

We believe that all animals need enough space, proper facilities and the company of their own kind.

Freedom From Fear And Distress

We believe that all animals must be loved and deserve happiness to avoid conditions that lead to mental suffering.

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